Mats' character


Age : 76.
Gender : Man.
Birth (social class) : unknown  
Height : 1.70 m.
Weight : 68 kg.
Hair : Longish grey hair. A bit  But the neck is still visible!
Eyes : Smokey blue. Blue in sunlight and grey in the dark.
Occupation : Local librarian and town doctor. During the day he reads and manages the local library or he provides medical help to the local community. Most of the medical help isn’t surgical except from some occasional amputation of limbs.
Hobbies : Making and brewing all types of potions and magical drinks. The types of potions he makes are sometimes of the healing type for example against headaches and sometimes to give you more energy for a short period of time. Exploring the realm of potion making is his primary hobby.
Likes :
Dislikes : Midges
Strengths : He has the abiliy to use magic.
Weaknesses ::



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