Orci Silverback

Tijmen's player character


Age : 26.
Gender : Male
Birth : Peasant
Height : 2 meters.
Weight : 100kg.
Hair : Short black hair and a layer of silver and black hair on his body.
Eyes : Orange.
Occupation : Forester.
Hobbies : Climbing, pranking people, throwing shit, Grooming.
Likes : Tall trees, banana’s, pretty ladies.
Dislikes : When people look him in the eyes for too long.
Weaknesses : Fearless, Weak stomach, Unusually formed body (fast on four legs, slower on two legs).
Want : Find more forests to live and hunt in.
Problems : He tends to drag children around, but can resist the temptation.


In his youth, Orci was the biggest boy in the playground, but also the dumbest. Back in those days dragging children around for no reason was his pride and joy, even if he knew it was not allowed. He became a terror for the children in his village, and the adults started noticing. One day, Orci was looking for a new child to ‘play’ with. SInce he had already ‘played’ with all of the children, every child was being kept inside to protect them from Orci. He sought out the village elder for help. ‘’I can’t find anyone to play with.’’ Orci said. The village elder jumped up at the sound of Orci’s voice. The elder was shaking in his boots and said: ‘’Just go to sleep for now, I-I will find someone for you to play with in the morning, okay?’’ Orci’s eyes lit up: ‘’You promise?’’ The elder nodded his head, and guided Orci out of his home. Orci went home to the sweet comfort of his bed and quickly fell asleep. Later that night, while Orci was passed out, the elder called for a village meeting. A choice had to be made: Banish Orci or kill him. The elder, who could not bear to kill, chose to banish him to a forest not far away. And so, in the night, Orci was lifted out of his bed and put onto a cart. The elder rode away with Orci, heading for the forest, and dawn was near. Later, at the edge of the forest, the elder stopped and dumped Orci onto the ground and rode away. Dawn finally arrived and the sun burned hot on Orci’s face, as if urging him to wake up. Orci opened his eyes and slowly realised what had happened. He cried his eyes out and screamed as loud as he could, but to no avail. Orci may not be smart, but when it is needed, his natural instinct can take over. And so, the next few years Orci managed to survive in the forest, creating shelter and learning how to hunt and it started to take effect. Orci had strong muscles, silver hair covering his body and had an unusually formed body that made it easier for him to live in the forest, much like a gorilla, but normal clothes still fit him and he could walk, although with great effort, on two legs. He was attuned to his environment. Also, he started to protect the forest he lived in, and local villages started to take notice. Before Orci knew it he had managed to gain a reputation, as he often attacks bandits who come too close to his forest. He came to be known as ‘’Silverback’’, referring to his silver hair, and because he had forgotten his last name, he adopted the name as his last. The villages accepted him as their forester and started to leave presents for him, which he found strange at first. Since Orci was abandoned, he had felt no affection from anyone, but he felt he could definitely get used to it, as they often left banana’s, which is his favourite food. And so it was, with his child dragging days behind him, or so he thought, he chose to mingle more and interact with several villages around his forest. It was difficult at first but Orci became more accommodated with civilian life and decided to travel. He wishes to see more forests to live and hunt in, perhaps cities and maybe a few more children to drag around. After visiting numerous villages, he had heard rumours about a village with a nice forest nearby and a delicious brand of beer, so he chose to find out…

Orci Silverback

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